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About Us
Attorney Charles Evans grew up in Libby and graduated from Libby High School.  He attended college at Montana State University and the University of Montana.  He graduated from the University of Montana Law School in 1970.  After graduation, he moved to Utah and became qualified to practice law in that state.    After several years in Utah, Mr. Evans was drawn back to the Cabinet Mountains and the community of Libby.  In 1984, Mr Evans commenced practicing law in Libby, sharing office space with Attorney Dave Harman.  In 1995, he purchased and remodeled the building where Evans Law Office is presently located.  

Julie Oldham was born and raised in Libby.  Her parents were the owners of Granite Concrete for many years.  She has two college degrees.  The last one was an accounting degree obtained with high honors in May, 2014.  Prior to commencing studies for her most recent degree, Julie was a valued employee at Evans Law Office, and clients are pleased that she has returned.  Her gentle, caring and thoughtful personality make it very pleasant to interact with her.  Clients also appreciate her intelligent, competent service.